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Successful Malaysia Node launch

On October 9, the new INCF Malaysia Node hosted their annual workshop on Intelligent Signal and Imaging for Biomedical Applications, attended by just over 100 people. The workshop included the official launch of the Node, attended by the Deputy Minister for Higher Education. INCF's Executive Director Linda Lanyon made a presentation and took part in the press conference and discussions with the Deputy Minister. INCF Japan Node’s Yoko Yamaguchi and INCF Victoria Node’s David Abbott gave presentations about work in their Nodes.

Read the article in the Malaysian Times

Issue 4/2015 of INCF Newsletter

The end of year issue of the INCF Newsletter was published on December 15. It highlights the recent Governing Board meeting, which marked a decade of INCF activities. You can also read about the 2nd Belgian Neuroinformatics congress, the official launch of the INCF Malaysia Node, and the first release of Neurodata Without Borders' data format for neurophysiology. As usual, we highlight recent papers and upcoming conferences.  

Read INCF Newsletter #4

Testers sought!

The KnowledgeSpace Working Group is currently looking for individuals willing to test KnowledgeSpace, a community-based encyclopedia for neuroscience supported by a structured lexicon, data, and models, and provide feedback on its usability. The current version of KnowledgeSpace is an early prototype, and we would like to receive some early feedback to help us improve improve the prototype.

If you are interested in participating, please contact by March 2016. KnowledgeSpace will be available for testing 1 - 8 March 2016.

Read more about KnowledgeSpace


INCF receives contributions from our member countries, based on gross domestic expenditures on research and development.

Karolinska Institutet and the Royal Institute of Technology are the host institutions of INCF. Further support is also received from the Swedish Research Council.

INCF gratefully acknowledges former and current support from the following:


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