Google Summer of Code Projects 2013

This year, eight students were accepted and will be working over the summer mentored by volunteers from the INCF scientific community.

Android Conference Mobile Application

Student: Yasir Adnan (Bangladesh)
Mentors: Christian Garbers, Christian Kellner (Germany)

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Open source, cross simulator, models of cortical circuits

Student: Vitor Chaud (Brazil)
Mentors: Padraig Gleeson (UK), Andrew Davison (France) 

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BrianDROID - Neural simulation on mobile devices

Student: Achilleas Koutsou (Cyprus)
Mentors: Marcel Stimberg (France), Dan Goodman (US)

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NDF toolbox support in R

Student: Reinhard Denis Najogie (Indonesia)
Mentors: Tom Jackson, Mike Weeks (UK)

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Smart image uploader

Student: Nitin Pasumarthy (India)
Mentors: Jakub Kowalski, Jan Potworowski (Poland)

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Algorithm improvements to diffusion guided quantitative susceptibility mapping

Student:  Timothy Roberts (UK)
Mentors: Amanda Ng, David Barnes (Australia)

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G-Node Client for INCF Dataspace

Student:  Dmitry Samarkanov (France)
Mentors: Andrey Sobolev (Germany), Raphael Ritz (Sweden)

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An XML-based language for describing multiscale models spanning mole-cules to neuronal networks

Student: Pranshu Saxena, BITS Pilani University, India
Mentors: Niraj Dudani, Subhasis Ray (India)

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