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Google Summer of Code Projects 2015

This year, 15 students were accepted and will be working over the summer mentored by volunteers from the INCF scientific community.

Off-line mobile client for EEGBase

Student: Isuru Chamara
Mentor: Petr Ježek, Czech Republic

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iRODS client for ImageJ

Student: Doru Gucea
Mentors: Dimiter Prodanov, Belgium and Visakh Muraleedharan, INCF Secretariat

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Scalable brain atlas: 3D printing of brain

Student: Madhur Sahu
Mentor: Rembrandt Bakker, the Netherlands/Scalable Brain Atlas

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Finite element model of traumatic brain injury

Student: Mikalay Prokharau
Mentors: Parnesh Raniga and Zhaolin Chen, Australia

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Modelling biophysically accurate ion channels for OpenWorm

Student: Travis Jacobs
Mentor: Padraig Gleeson and Stephen Larson, OpenWorm

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Evaluate the numerical accuracy of TVB models

Student: Robert Parcus
Mentor: Paula Sanz-Leon, Lia Domide, Marmaduke Woodman, and Mihai Andrei, The Virtual Brain

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Network complexity for connectomes: New code for big samples in C-PAC

Student: Florian Gesser
Mentors: Ivan Roijals-Miras, Sweden and Cameron Craddock, US

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ConnectiviPy - Python module for brain connectivity analysis based on MVAR

Student: Dominik Krzemiński
Mentor: Maciej Kaminski, Poland

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Power/ARM support for the Cyme library

Student: Kai Langen
Mentor: Timothee Evart, Blue Brain project

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Convert several large-scale thalamocortical models to NeuroML & PyNN

Student: Justas Birgiolas
Mentors: Andrew Davison, France and Padraig Gleeson, UK

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Ease of deployment and standalone installation – BioStars

Student: Lohitaksh Parmar
Mentors: Roman Valls and Albert Istvan, BioStars

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Language bindings for the NIX file format

Student: Sujith Vadakkepat
Mentors: Adrian Stoewer, Andrey Sobolev, and Christian Kellner, Germany

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GPU implementations for MOOSE

Student: Hu Wenyan
Mentor: Upinder S. Bhalla and Aviral Goel, India

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