Why neuroinformatics?

The amount of data that can be generated in a typical neuroscience lab grows at an amazing rate. But our collected knowledge about the brain lags behind, since condensing all these data sets into a coherent picture is an increasingly complex task. That is why neuroscience needs neuroinformatics; the collaboration between neuroscientists and computer scientists to make both new and old neuroscience data more accessible and more useful to the research community, and to advance our understanding of the brain at a much faster rate than previously possible.

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The neuroinformatics teamwork involves researchers worldwide, who all bring their own field of expertise to help understand how the brain works in health as well as disease. There are many different puzzle pieces that need to be brought into place, such as fitting together data that comes from vastly different timescales, finding better ways to store, analyze and share giant datasets, comparing animals with very different nervous systems, and linking findings on the molecular level to their effects on single cells as well as the whole brain.

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