Teaching and Training

The INCF Training Committee was formed in late 2010. It organizes an introductory neuroinformatics course each year, runs a framework for financial support to other neuroinformatics courses, and manages the INCF participation in the Google Summer of Code program.

INCF short course participants

Students and teachers from the 2014 INCF short course "Introduction to Neuroinformatics".

INCF and Training in Neuroinformatics

INCF is committed to supporting training in neuroinformatics. 

Neuroinformatics, the new research field situated at the intersection of neuroscience and the physical sciences, is by its nature interdisciplinary.

Neuroinformatics requires the integration of knowledge from mathematics, physics, computer science and engineering together with detailed knowledge of the nervous system. It is essential that neuroinformaticians should be able to communicate with researchers across the spectrum of all relevant disciplines.

Neuroinformatics poses a specific challenge for training, as this variety of knowledge and research cultures is only rarely combined in one single place and often falls at the boundaries of traditional academic departments.

Given the broad scope of neuroinformatics, only few countries will be able to provide a wide range of neuroinformatics training; this will require international cooperation. It is therefore essential to establish best practice in neuroinformatics training at the international level.


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Training Committee Chair

Upcoming activities will be posted here.

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