INCF Products and Services

INCF develops and supports products and services that facilitate neuroscience research. These tools solve problems such as lack of standards, or limitations imposed by incompatibilities between commonly used tools.


An easy way to connect, discover and share neuroscience data and enable collaboration between researchers.

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Software Center

A resource that makes it easy for software users and developers in the neuroscience community to find, use and share software tools.



A language being developed for unambiguous description of spiking neuronal network models, independent of simulators. Aiming to facilitate model sharing, portability and re-usability. 

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Supercomputer Access

INCF provides access to a supercomputer at the Center for High Performance Computing at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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Digital Atlasing Infrastructure

A web based service that supports transformation of atlas data from one format to another, and simultaneous integration of different types of data.

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A standard interface for run-time exchange of data among parallel applications in a cluster environment. A typical use case is connecting models developed for different simulators.

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Scalable Brain Atlas

A web based display engine for brain atlases and imaging data. It provides services such as showing brain data in an interactive 3D context on client websites.

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A dynamic lexicon of terms used in Neuroscience. is a freely editable semantic wiki for community-based curation.

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Tool Directory

Here we have collected a wide range of neuroinformatics resources that are searchable by research topic. You can find pointers to external resources such as software tools, computing services and data repositories.

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