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Neuroinformatics 2012
Abstract book NI2012
Abstract book NI2012
COINS (Collaborative Informatics Neuroimaging Suite): Give, Get, Collect
Margaret King (The Mind Research Network), William Courtney (The Mind Research Network), Jessica Turner (The Mind Research Network), Runtang Wang (The Mind ...
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The XNAT imaging informatics platform: Recent advances
Daniel Marcus (Washington University), Rick Herrick (Washington University), Timothy Olsen (Washington University), Aditya Siram (Washington University), ...
BrainLiner: A Platform for Sharing and Searching Time-aligned Neural and Behavioral Data
Makoto Takemiya (Department of Neuroinformatics, ATR), Yukiyasu Kamitani (Department of Neuroinformatics, ATR)
Workflow automation of electrophysiological data analysis in receptive field mapping
Bengt Ljungquist (Neuronano Research Center, Lund University)
Improvement of Simulation Platform for providing reliable and easy use model simulation environment
Hidetoshi Ikeno (University of Hyogo), Tadashi Yamazaki (University of Electro-Communications), Yoshihiro Okumura (RIKEN Brain Science Institute), Shunji ...