Overview of projects

INCF takes part in both short- and long-term projects in neuroscience standards, infrastructure and data management

This page summarizes information on some of the externally funded projects that INCF is involved in (more projects will be added to this page during 2015).

Current projects

INCF participates in the large European CENTER-TBI project “Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in TBI” that aims to improve the care for patients with TBI and identify the most effective clinical interventions for managing TBI. The project is part of the large global initiative InTBIR (International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research) with projects currently ongoing in Europe, the US and Canada. INCF is the lead coordinator for the development of standards and development and deployment of the informatics platform, in close cooperation with One Mind for Research and partners in the CENTER-TBI consortium.

The "Neurodata without Borders – Cellular Neurophysiology" initiative is a one-year project that aims to produce a unified data format for cellular-based neurophysiology data based on representative use cases. INCF is one of the project's supporters, together with the Kavli FoundationGeneral ElectricJanelia Farm, and Allen Institute for Brain Science, and many members of the INCF Electrophysiology Task Force of the INCF Program on Standards for Data Sharing are participating.

An INCF-OECD workshop "Promoting data sharing in dementia research" will be held 20 – 21 September 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. The workshop aims to bring together policy-makers, funders, and leading scientists to consider the barriers to data sharing in relation to dementia research and to begin to identify practical steps that can be taken to advance data sharing in this field.

How does INCF choose projects?

Decision on whether to participate in a project is guided by the INCF policy on externally funded projects, following a documented procedure. More information is available in the linked documents, but in general it can be said that INCF only participates in projects that are compatible with its role as an independent and impartial organization advancing the field of neuroinformatics, and that chosen projects must be in line with the INCF strategic goals and values to coordinate open infrastructure and standards for the benefit of neuroscience.

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