About INCF

INCF at a glance

INCF develops collaborative neuroinformatics infrastructure and promotes the sharing of data and computing resources to the international research community.

Neuroinformatics integrates information across all levels and scales of neuroscience to help understand the brain and treat disease.

 Multiscale data integration

What is the purpose of the INCF?

Our mission is to facilitate the work of neuroscientists around the world, and to catalyze and coordinate the global development of neuroinformatics.

We also aim to foster scientific interaction through information flow within our global network; valuate neuroinformatics activities and infrastructures; and to facilitate training in neuroinformatics.

How is the INCF funded?

INCF is funded by contributions from its member countries, based on gross domestic expenditures on research and development (GERD).

Karolinska Institutet and the Royal Institute of Technology are the host institutions of INCF. Further support is also received from the Swedish Research Council.

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incf voice

Marja Leena Linne "INCF provides the means to highlight the importance of informatics tool development for neuroscience research. It also greatly helps in creating networks which is very important for a small country like Finland." 

Dr. Marja-Leena Linne, Tampere University of Technology and
Coordinator, National Node of Finland

incf voice

StenGrillner"INCF is designed to catalyze and coordinate the global development of neuroinforma- tics for the benefit of neuroscience. Insight into brain function requires a knowledge at many different levels extending from structural biology and microcircuits to cognition. Neuroinformatics databases and modelling will markedly facilitate discoveries of how the different subsystems of the brain function, and the origin of the many diseaese of the nervous system."

Prof. Sten Grillner  Former Chair of the Governing Board of the INCF

How to join

There are several levels of involvement in the INCF,
from government to individual.

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