Our Programs

Over 180 contributing scientists are involved in the INCF Programs, which provides tools for integrating research findings from different labs and multiple experimental techniques.

Teaching and Training

Read about our teaching and training activities here and learn more about our involvement in Google Summer of Code.


INCF takes part in both short- and long-term projects in neuroscience standards, infrastructure and data management. 


INCF is organizing an annual congress in one of the member countries. Welcome to join our community! 

Workshops and other meetings

INCF arranges a wide range of workshops and seminars, which allow the international INCF community to meet.


INCF is organizing and sponsoring a number of hackathons every year. 

Community resources

INCF supports the development of a wide range of products and services. We also host a people directory and a community mailing list among many things. Learn more about INCF Products and Services

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