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      • INCF Secretariat reorganizes for growth - February 18, 2014
              INCF is entering an exciting new phase of growth and engagement with major international brain initiatives. To position itself for this new phase and prepare for increased collaboration and coordination of the global neuroscience community, the INCF is increasing the capacity of its leadership by the appointment of two directors: Dr Linda Lanyon is appointed as Executive Director and Dr Sean Hill, former Executive Director, is appointed to the role of Scientific Director.

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  • Major step taken towards an open and shared digital brain atlasing framework - February 8-9, 2011
        The INCF Digital Atlasing Task Force has just published a landmark paper in PLoS Computational Biology, describing the vision and key steps that lead to the creation of a digital mouse brain atlasing framework for sharing data. The framework,  which consists of Waxholm Space (WHS; named in honor of the group’s first meeting location) and a supporting web-based Digital Atlasing Infrastructure (DAI), enables the integration of data from genetic, anatomical and functional imaging studies.

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  • INCF organizes the first congress dedicated to the emerging field of Neuroinformatics -September 05, 2008

The first INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics will convene September 7-9 at the Stockholm City Conference Center in Stockholm. The emerging neuroinformatics field combines neuroscience and informatics research to develop advanced tools and approaches to understanding the structure and function of the brain. The tools may also be applied to brain disorders and diseases. With a broad international outreach, the meeting will bring together experts from all disciplines contributing to neuroinformatics.
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  • Neuroscience Peer-Review Consortium Announces Increased Journal Participation - April 03, 2008

The INCF announces further advances in neuroscience publishing, with wide adoption of the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium (NPRC) initiative. The NPRC is an alliance of neuroscience journals that have agreed to accept manuscript reviews from other members of the Consortium to accelerate publication of research articles. Currently, 27 journals have joined the NPRC for a one-year trial period that ends December 31, 2008.
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  • INCF and the Allen Institute for Brain Science Collaborate to Improve Allen Brain Atlas Service in Europe -March 17, 2008

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) and the Allen Institute for Brain Science announced today that the INCF will contribute infrastructure and support services to enhance global access to the Institute’s Allen Brain Atlas—Mouse Brain. Publicly available for free to encourage widespread use and collaboration, the Allen Brain Atlas—Mouse Brain is a Web-based, genome-wide map of gene expression. It is actively used by scientists worldwide to advance research on the brain in health and disease.
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  • Inauguration of new international head office in Stockholm for the coordination of research and development  within neuroinformatics -February 09, 2007

The international head office of the International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility - INCF - is officially inaugurated on February 15, 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The ceremony will be attended by the Swedish minister of education and research, Lars Leijonborg.
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