Neuroinformatics tools and services have the potential to greatly facilitate neuroscience research and lead to a new and better understanding of the brain. This section highlights some facets of that progress.

INCF Node of Victoria, Australia: A new node is born

INCF welcomed its 17th Node on February 2013.

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Virtual Mouse Brain for iPad

An application that provides an atlas of 3D MR images of the C57BL/6J mouse brain in digital format with labels for 40 different brain structures.

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EuroSPIN: Excellence in Neuroinformatics Training 

New opportunities in PhD training in the emerging field of neuroinformatics arise for brave and enthusiastic students.

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Polish INCF Node turns brain atlases into 3D

The 3dBAR software can translate 2D data into three dimensions, and was developed in collaboration with the Scalable Brain Atlas.

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Meet the Japanese INCF node

Japan is one of the founding members of INCF and has a large and active neuroinformatics community.

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Ski WS group image outdoors

INCF Nodes collaborate to improve spike sorting methods

Members of the Norwegian, German and Polish INCF Node communities have set up a successful collaboration.

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NeuroDebian a growing success

From two PhD students to a broad neuroscience software initiative with thousands of unique users.

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Data integration with the help of the INCF Digital Atlasing Infrastructure

A milestone of this project, the integration of three major online mouse brain resources, has now been achieved.

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